Saturday, July 5, 2008

Celebrating July 4th

A perfect outfit for the celebration! It's important!

The parade was really fun!

Paul shaking hands with Senator Norm Coleman, Congressman John Kline and State Representative Tara Mack

Isabelle shaking hands with the clowns!
Question: What makes Paul and Isabelle "daddy and daughter"?
Answer: They both like to shake hands with special people.

For the rest of the day, we joined our friends at their house by Fox Lake in Faribault. Lots of fun! Boating, eating, fireworks and singing! We ended up having a sleep over at their place.


Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

ang pacute ni Isabelle pareho sa pacute ni "Mommy Di".hehehe

Ombod said...

Thanks for posting this one... I didn't have any idea how Americans celebrate independence day. Looks and sounds like it's the same as we celebrate our independence day here in the Phils, with the parade.

Dan said...

Uy, medyo bitaw pareha dire nuh kay we also do parade sa Philippines. The only difference is that in the Philippines, mga filipinos ang participants sa parade while in the US, americans are in the parade... Hahaha!

Gigi said...

hahaha... you're right kuya! in thailand, of course, when there is a parade here, thais are the participants and spectators! there you go!

janet said...

bitaw, here in malaysia, if they do parade like that, malaysians pud muparade. LOL. lingaw ko da.

btw - your izzy is one gorgeous little girl.

Ombod said...

If only i have my own photo to display, in fairness, I lead the parade during the independence day celebration in Bislig City as Marshalls in full Boy Scout Uniform, riding on a motorcycle given by Kdan, are you interested to see that photo, i cant, im already applying for jail manager. hehehe

Ombod said...

actually july 4 is the philippine - american frienship day celebration here in the philippines,

Ombod said...

The only independence that is very interesting is the independence battle that Jesus Christ fought on the cross, it was done once but celebrated daily, no parade but rally of worship, no spectators but all are participants. The independence that gave us the total freedom from colonism and envasion of sin.