Tuesday, July 29, 2008


My little girl hates shopping! Every time I bring her out shopping, she always acts as if it's the end of the world. And as if she was in the right place at a right time to display her worst tantrums. She would cry and scream like I am beating her. Curious heads turn to us! Oh, it's embarrassing. This evening, I wanted to enjoy shopping at a craft store but she had to come with me so that her daddy could have time to read at home, so I brought some candies to help (or bribe! bad! bad! bad!) her act normal at the store. It wasn't effective! As soon as we entered the store, she started crying and screaming. When I gave her a piece of candy, she grabbed and ate it while crying and screaming! Can you believe it?!

This morning, we walked to a kid's apparel store near our house, and as expected she had her bad temper. The store has a small play area, so I put her there. She was playing and smiling for a minute and after that she remembered how she hates shopping, so off she cried and screamed again. Oh, well, I can only hope things will change with her feelings about shopping in the near future or else I'll be forever a lone-shopper in our family.


janet said...

well, you can always make another one. the next one might be your shopping companion. *wink

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janet said...

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